Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

Oh Father's Day - why don't you just bite my ass today? I love my father - we've always had a strained relationship, I never felt like I was 'enough' for him. Always felt like I was disappointing him in some way. I think that changed completely when Mum died. I did my very best to support him and keep him moving in a positive direction when he was utterly rudderless. But that's not why I want Father's Day to bite my ass.

It is the father of my children who has made this a day of...what? He told me a few days ago that he doesn't like being a Dad. It is stressful and he doesn't have a lot of patience. Newsflash? I'm already carrying at least 75% of this family and now he's checking out of his 25%? Bite me. So we're looking to send him off to visit his wildly disfunctional family in Utah so perhaps he can learn about parenting. My 3 years of trying to help him have gotten us nowhere.

So to all the Dad's out there who like being Dads, I applaud you and I honor you. I just wish you were my husband's friend because my kids need a dad who feels like he can do this.